Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces should I choose for a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?

Normally around 12-13 pieces of music are included in a church ceremony. A typical Catholic Church ceremony will consist of music at the following intervals:

  • Entrance Music
  • Candle Ceremony (x2)
  • Psalm
  • Gospel Acclamation (optional, this can be read)
  • Offertory
  • Sign of Peace
  • Communion (typically 2 or 3 pieces)
  • Signing of the Register (typically 2 or 3 pieces)
  • Exit Music

The above is simply a guide to the possible options. The final musical arrangement is completely at the discretion of the couple.

Do you play music while guests are arriving?

Yes. We can play a selection of popular classical music, solo music, or even sing pieces you may like.

What if I would like a song that is not on your list?

If it will work with the musician or musicians that you have chosen, we will definitely try to make it happen for you.

If I choose a piano player, does there have to be a piano in the church or reception venue?

Nope, we have our very own professional and portable piano that can be used for your ceremony or in your reception location.

How long do you play at the reception for?

Our standard reception performance time is approximately 1.5 hours. We are happy to stay for longer but this may incur an additional fee.

Do you play at civil/humanist ceremonies?

Yes we do! We have a wide range of popular and contemporary music that we can perform which includes music from Elton John, The Beatles, Eva Cassidy, Take That, Adele, and many more!

Do you require equipment/preparations at the venue?

We always aim to arrive at least one hour prior to the expected start time. This provides us with lots of time to setup any equipment required, liaise with the priest/celebrant/contact, perform a sound-check, and therefore be ready to begin playing at the agreed time.

Do you play outdoors?

Weather permitting, our musicians are always willing to accommodate outdoor performances. Ideally an overhead canopy should be made available for our musicians to protect both them and their instruments.