Sacred Sounds has been at the forefront of wedding ceremony and reception music for three years.

We have been shortlisted for the 'Wedding Musicians of The Year' for two years running and received the overall award in 2012.

Our musicians are all professional performers, both as soloists and with internationally acclaimed ensembles.

More information on our musicians can be found on their individual profile pages.

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  • Q: How many pieces should I pick for a Catholic Wedding Ceremony?
  • A: Normally around 12-13 pieces of music are included in a Wedding Ceremony.
  • A typical Catholic Church ceremony will consist of music at the following intervals:
    • Entrance music
    • Candle ceremony (x2)
    • Psalm (optional, can be read)
    • Gospel Acclamation (optional, this can be read)
    • Offertory piece
    • Sign of Peace
    • Communion (typically 2 or 3 pieces)
    • Signing of the Register (typically 3 pieces)
    • Exit Music
    • The above is simply a guide to the possibile options. The final musical arrangement is completely at the discretion of the bride and groom.
  • Q: Can I have non-religious music during the ceremony?
  • A: SacredSounds performs not only sacred music, but a wide range of popular, classical, Irish traditional airs and contemporary music!
  • If you want a particular non-religious piece played, we advise that you check with your priest first, as in some instances, it is not allowed.
  • Generally, the exit music can be whatever you like. As long as its okay with your priest, its okay with us!
  • Q: Do you require equipment/preparations at the church?
  • A: We arrive at least 1 hour before the beginning of your ceremony, therefore the church needs to be unlocked at this time for us to set up.
  • Also, if there is an upstairs gallery with an organ, and we need to use the organ, these both need to be unlocked.
  • It's just a matter of chatting with the sacristan before your wedding to make sure everything is unlocked for us to use.
  • Q: Do you play at civil/humanist ceremonies?
  • A: Yes we do! We have a wide range of popular and contemporary music that we can perform for your service, including music from Elton John, The Beatles, Eva Cassidy, Take That, Adele and many more.
  • A popular choice for smaller ceremonies is a solo instrument playing 4 or 5 pieces. We have violin, cello, clarinet, oboe and piano for your to choose from. You can browse our popular music repertoire lists, and even listen to our string trio playing popular music to get an idea of what we do!
  • Q: How long do you play at the reception for?
  • A: We charge by the hour for receptions, and one hour is generally the amount of time we play for.
  • We are happy to stay for longer at a slightly higher rate.
  • Q: If I want a piano player, does there have to be a piano in the church or reception venue?
  • A: No, we have our very own professional and portable piano, that can be used for your ceremony or in your reception location! On the other hand, if you would like an organ player, there does have to be a working organ in the church!
  • Q: Do you play music while our guests are arriving?
  • A: Yes. We can play a selection of popular classical music, solo piano music or even sing some pieces you may like!
  • Q: What if I would like a song that is not on your list?
  • A: If it will work with the musician or musicians that you have chosen we will definitely try to make it happen for you.